We were doing it the old fashioned way. Running reports, cutting and pasting billing and payment info, sending one email at a time… until we switched. Now we run one report to look up all our past dues customers, upload the file and Eniture does the rest. Overnight, every one of our past due customers gets a simple billing notice highlighting their past due invoices. And with built in payment links, there’s no excuse for not paying the past due balance right away. We run our notices on Monday night, and the past-due payments flow in all day Tuesday. Highly recommended.

Frank Czar – Unishippers, Rowley MA

We have been using the dunning portal for several months and we could not be happier with the improvement of our A/R.  To be able to change from sending individual emails to past due customers (taking several hours) to running a receivables report, dropping it into the dunning portal and sending out in just a few minutes 

We are also experiencing an improvement with our DSO.  Customers are receiving the past due notice and clicking on the make a payment feature once received.

As with any technology system, you are sure to have some hiccups.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from a developer to discuss the issue and has a correction in a very short period of time.

It is amazing to see how a single portal can make the collections process quick, simple and improve our staffs attention to the whole process.

Kevin Golding – Unishippers, Melbourne FL