How does it work?

Step 1 – Get the data

Run the Aged Receivables Report in the Unishippers UONE system to retrieve a list of  your customers with past due invoices.

Step 2 – Review the file

Use Excel to review the file for accuracy.  Remove the rows that relate to customers who you don’t want to receive a dunning notice.  Save the file as a CSV file.

Step 3 – Upload the file

Sign into the Dunning Notice Portal and upload your file.

Step 4 – Choose when to send the notices

Choose whether to process the dunning notices immediately, or overnight.  Using the the option to immediately process the file is common for smaller files, such as what may be the case when you’re testing or targeting a subset of customers who are uncomfortably delinquent.

Step 5 – Sit back and relax

Our servers will process your file and send a personalized email to each of the customers you included in the file.  Your customers who are credit worthy will respond without much effort on your part.  Now you’ll have more time to focus on those who are truly a problem.